I want it now! How Impatience and Technology are linked

As Americans, we all want easy and fast. Whether it be information or earning money, our human instinct has become more impatient with time. It can be said that technology is partly to blame for this mentality. From our electronics, we want instant feedback. If we are trying to send a text message, it better send right away. If we are on the internet, we expect the webpage to load instantly or frustrations will arise.

One big issue of impatience is having bigger and better first. One aspect that has received much attention lately is the hype over Apple’s iPhone 5. Apple is unarguably the top technology product distributor. If you look around, nine times out of ten, the individual next to you or near you will have an iPhone, and not the old original one either. It will most likely be one of the past two editions. What is it about Apple products that we feel are better? Even more, what draws everyone to an iPhone? Other phones have better designs, features, or price, yet consumers continue to camp outside Apple stores for the release of the iPhone. Honestly, two years ago, I was one of these people. I woke up earlier than I ever have just to get my hands on this phone. I wanted to be the first of the people I knew to have the new iPhone.

Others share this same mentality. It goes back to our childhoods even. If I had the new Barbie jeep before the rest of my friends, I was better than them. Is this “I have it first” satisfaction linked to our love of envy? We all want to be first, second is just unacceptable.

Is updated technology more important than other potential crucial issues? An individual camps out overnight in excitement for the iPhone 5 as they wait patiently to receive their new toy. But, that same individual drags their feet as they complain about a long line at the voting polls. We are willing to wait in line to pay close to 350 dollars, but dread submitting our voice in our representative democratic government. Technology has no doubt taken over, but as bigger and better things are constantly being created, will we continue to be slaves to the control technology has over us? All I know is, I am impatiently awaiting my new iPhone 5 to arrive in the mail.

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