We Don’t Understand Technology

We use a lot of technology today. We set up our cell phones to bluetooth devices or even our cars. With the Apple Macbook Pros, we even send songs via bluetooth now. We get faster internet in our houses with telephone companies now also. XM Radio / Sirius sends radio signals to our cars. Cell phones keep getting slimmer yet they add more functions to it. We use all these technologies but we really take it for granted everyday.

Incredibly, we email songs and even letters to our friends everyday. Somehow a song with waveforms and audio sends to a close friend and they receive it and play it from their computer or phone. We receive signals to our car radios and play music. We bluetooth our phones with devices and speak. Our cell phones get faster with more complicated functions, yet the phone keeps getting clearer and slimmer. We rush to get the new technology as soon as it drops from stores but do we really understand it?

We don’t even do research to understand things. We just accept it. our world is ran based by battery life. If the power turned off right now our batteries would eventually die. We have come to love all these new technologies so we should learn how they do what they do. Technology does make life easier though!


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