Fates Hands: Prospers Future or Cruel Destiny

Nintendo has been known to publish and develop a wide range of video game throughout the ages, but none have as perplexing as the Legend of Zelda series that seems to have the reoccurring theme of fate guiding each character in the video game. This year they’ve released the newest iteration in the Zelda series called, “The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds” that takes place short after one of the main games in the series. One thing I find interesting about this series is the how predestined the games characters are as the travel down this predetermined path, meaning an inescapable fate or destiny if you will.

The protagonist always ends up being a small boy named Link with an undiscovered power that must set out on a journey to stop an unimaginable evil-named Ganondorf-from usurping the princess and destroying the land of Hyrule. I’ve owned and played a couple of these games myself and often wondered can we in reality escape certain fates that are destined to happened due to predetermined circumstances? If we can, most people would call that luck when something that wasn’t supposed to happen, ends up happening. But the chances of that are so rare that one might as well call it gambling. Nevertheless, whether or not Link will always seek out the Trifore and Master Sword needed to defeat Ganondorf and save the land of Hyrule is up to debate. But considering that in each game it always works well for Link in the in the end, does it really matter that he doesn’t have free will? I guess we should then change the phrase “fate is a cruel thing” to “fate is a cruel thing to some,” since most things in life are only perceived as bad when that don’t work out in our favor.

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