Mother Natures’ Wrath Impacts the Holidays

Every year millions of people pack up and travel to loved ones to celebrate the holidays.  This year Mother Nature had a surprise for the unsuspecting travellers; a huge snowstorm that some have designated “Gobblegeddon”.

The storm threatens Pennsylvania and western New York, causing havoc for the travellers and could possibly interfere with the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Mother Nature is not just taking out her wrath on the North East though; she has also started wailing down on states as far down as North Carolina.  It is extremely difficult to predict where she will strike next, but one thing’s for sure, this Thanksgiving weekend is not going to be the peaceful weekend that we have experienced in the past.

Though Florida is a bit too far south to experience the blizzard that is afflicting our northern neighbors, Mother Nature didn’t leave us out of her fury.  Heavy rains are forecast for the holiday weekend, which will usher in a cold front.  Since Floridians are used to having weather in the upper 70s around this time of year, we are not prepared for the coming weather.  I, for one, have a very limited wardrobe to last the weekend.  In total I have one heavy jacket (which might not be heavy enough to withstand the 30° nights), two mildly heavy jackets (that suffice for when I think it’s cold, but really its somewhere in the 60s), and two pairs of jeans.  My closet mimics most of the closets in my native South Florida.

There’s a reason we reside in South Florida; we enjoy the tropical weather.  I, personally, despise the cold weather and yet that is exactly what Mother Nature will bless us with this holiday season.

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