Kanye West Flips Out During Radio Interview with Sway Calloway

Back in 2009, Kanye West went off when Taylor Swift won an award that he thought Beyonce should have won.

During an interview on SiriusXM station Shade 45 with reporter Sway Calloway Kanye West went off on the reporter. Sway asked Kanye West a question about his past attempts to break into the fashion world.

Kanye West starts to scream “How, Sway? You ain’t got the answers, man!” Sway and Kanye had a dispute about the similar roadblocks with starting their own clothing line. West takes unnecessary jabs Sway by saying “What’s the name of your clothing line? We don’t know“, his frustration seems very reasonable because he lost nearly $13 million of his own money trying to empower himself.

Once the tension between Sway and Kanye had calmed down, and each was able to apologize to one another. Kanye was able to make Sway understand in more details on why he felt marginalized by companies like Nike despite all his success in his music career and the interest his fashion endeavors have garnered.

West said “The thing that compressed me is time versus money” “Integrity, money and relevance. Because as I work on clothing more, I’m not raping as much … I’m not rapping as much, I’m not having as much finances. I’m losing relevancy. The relevancy is part of my power that allows my brand to be big”.

What we can learn from Kanye West and Sway dispute? Kanye West is always going to be the king of controversy whether it’s good or bad. But will Kanye ever learn that not everything he has to flip out about. Only time will tell with Kanye West.

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