Family Guy Kills Off Family Dog, Brian Griffin

This past Sunday, a new episode of Family Guy aired on television. The following week, Family Guy commercials kept revealing that a major character might finally meet their death in the coming episode.

Sunday’s episode shows the friendship between Stewie and Brian Griffin and how close they are. Stewie, the “evil” baby, is known for his genius ideas and inventions. Over the past few seasons, we as the audience have known that Stewie built a time traveling remote and machine. As the episode begins, we see Stewie and Brian in the middle of time traveling and trying to get things back to normal being that they messed up the world. They later fix everything and Stewie decides that it is time that he destroys the time machine and the remote so that they can have normal fun together without altering the world as they know it. They then go out into the street to play a game of street hockey and as Stewie walks inside of the house to get his gear, Brian gets hit by a car. He is rushed to the hospital and the doctor tells the family that he is not going to make it. Stewie cannot go back in time now because he destroyed his device and Brian is officially dead.

This angered the millions of people that have been watching Family Guy over the past 11 seasons. Brian is the beloved and hilarious dog of the family so taking him out is what every fan is livid about. I can also say that they are even more upset that he was replaced with another Italian dog in the same episode. There is no telling whether Seth MacFarlane will listen to his audience or if Brian is gone for good with this latest episode of the popular show Family Guy.

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