Findings in West Africa May Prove Beneficial in Aiding Against Global Warming.

There have been extraordinary findings off the coast of West Africa that will undoubtedly prove to be extremely beneficial in the fight against global warming.

After much research, it has been announced by the United Nations that the African Iroko trees, also referred to as Nigerian teak, are supremely effective long-term carbon sinks. A carbon sink is something that actually takes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through a process known as carbon sequestration. What makes the Iroko tress such an essential component in aiding against climate change is that they are actually capable of turning the carbon dioxide that they take in into limestone. The resulting limestone is enriching for the surrounding soil, making it desirable for agricultural needs.

What makes the find even more spectacular is the limited number of tree species that are capable of such a conversion. Ordinarily, a tree converts the carbon dioxide it takes in into sugar which it then consumes. The fact that some trees have the ability to turn the gases into something useful for the surrounding lands has caused many scientists to push for the preservation of such forests.

The only other area which has been found to house such species of trees capable of creating limestone have been found in the Amazon rainforest. Sadly, the Amazon has also been prone to deforestation at the hands of humans which has caused numerous conservation efforts by environmentalists.

All in all, the wondrous find of the Iroko trees is even more proof that humans need to work in conjunction with nature so that the Earth can sustain such populous areas for many years to come.

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