UPSET ALERT: Florida Takes on Number Two Ranked Florida State University

Today the number two ranked team in the nation Florida State takes on the Florida Gators.  The Gators have had a terrible season.  They are 4-7 overall and have lost six games in a row.  Including a loss to the Division two school Georgia Southern.  The Seminoles on the other hand have had the complete opposite.  They probably have the best team in the nation.  They are 11-0 and have an offense that no one can seem to stop.

Even with the Gators being as bad as they have been this year, there is still a slim chance they might pull out a major upset.  This rivalry is known for tough physical games and games that go down to the wire.  Do I think they are going to win?  I am going to be honest and say… No.  I don’t think that they are going to win.  But I think that they can hang in there.  FSU just has way to much firepower.  They have the QB in Winston who has taken the NCAA by storm this season, only being a red shirt Freshman.

I think the Gators can hang in there for a little while.  They need to generate some sort of offense (which they have been unable to do this season) if they want to win this game.  There offense has been absolutely horrible this year.  I mean horrible.  They miss field goals, they don’t score touchdowns and they can’t move the ball.  Not exactly the recipe for a successful offense.  We will see how it turns out.  They can be the culprit of probably the biggest upset of the season if they just figure out a way to score some points.  It should be interesting and I can’t wait to watch how it turns out.

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