Move on over Thanksgiving, Black Friday is Here!

Holiday spirits have been cut short this year as Black Friday shopping has created more chaos than expected. Thanksgiving typically consisted of spending an evening with family and loved ones having dinner together and being thankful for all they were blessed with. However, dinners now became lunch as Black Friday shopping started as early as six PM on Thanksgiving evening this year. A traditional day of unity turned into fighting over the last X-Box One this year. Stores such as Walmart, Target and even shopping malls opened their doors on Thanksgiving evening to those who simply couldn’t pass up a deal, no matter what day of the week it was. Shoppers pushed, shoved and even fought their ways into stores to get a hold on deals that couldn’t wait till the next morning.

Deal snatchers stood outside of stores such as Best Buy and HH Gregg days before the deal day opening. Police officers and security officials closely stood by as the doors opened Thanksgiving evening to host hundreds of early shoppers. In previous years, shoppers have been known to cause riots, fights and even deaths that have resulted from this shopping extravaganza. Black Friday shopping is the busiest night of the year for some companies so they make their deals worthwile for those who seem to put aside their Thanksgiving holiday. It seems as though this holiday itself gets more aggressive each year and many Americans would rather save some money than being thankful for what they already have. In today’s economy, saving is a virtue, but it is worth giving up a traditional holiday? To an extent, some might argue that the deals are worth the chaos, it’s the price you pay for the price you’re getting. Others believe that Black Friday is not worth the madness.

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