Poor Start To The NBA Season In New York City

For the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks, the start to the NBA season hasn’t gone as planned. Both teams have played 13 games each, and they each have only won 3 games. New York City’s NBA teams have a combined record of 6-20. No one saw this coming, especially the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets are coming off a season where they lost in the first round in the playoffs, but they made the necessary moves in the offseason to become a true title contender. The Nets acquired Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, and Kevin Garnett from the Boston Celtics. They also signed Andrei Kirilenko, who played for Minnesota last season. The Nets also have a new head coach named Jason Kidd, who retired from playing in the NBA just last season.

The offseason for the Knicks wasn’t as exciting as it was for the Nets, but they did sign Andrea Bargnani from the Toronto Raptors. The Knicks are getting all-star caliber performances from their star Carmelo Anthony, but he hasn’t gotten much help from his teammates. There are some rumors swirling about the possibility of the Knicks trading their 23 year old shooting guard Iman Shumpert to the Nuggets for power forward Kenneth Faried. Whatever happens, it is clear that the Knicks need some help.

The Nets and Knicks were projected to be in the running to knock off the 2-time defending champion Miami Heat, but instead they find themselves tied for the second worst record in the eastern conference, only 1 game ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks. It will be interesting to see whether the 2 teams in New York City can turn their seasons around moving forward.

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