Adrenaline Film Star, Paul Walker Dies in Car Crash

Arguably one of the most popular actors of the 2000’s has died earlier this week in a car crash related accident near his home in Southern California. Paul Walker, the lead character in the hugely successful Fast and the Furious will be remembered as an actor that played characters that always pushed the envelope.

Paul Walker passed away Saturday afternoon at a charity event to benefit Typhoon victims in the Philippines. He went outside to be with some of his fans and friends as there were cars being tested outside. He and a friend were testing out his friends car, a Porsche GT3 when the friend and driver lost control of the car as it slammed into a nearby tree killing both Paul and the friend.

Two of his current film projects, a seventh Fast and the Furious and an independent film about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are still to be decided whether or not to be released. It has not been announced how much of the seventh Fast and the Furious was filmed with Paul and whether or not the movie will have to be re-filmed. I believe the film will still include him as he was an enormous part of the franchise.

Paul Walker was an actor that typically shied away from the spotlight and instead let his action films describe the way the public viewed him. This is a dying trait in today’s world with big name actors sharing opinions in politics and social media. I believe that he will be greatly missed for the demeanor he brought to films.

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