Growing as a Person While Traveling the World

I often find myself at odds when defining what a vacation actually is. Well, today I had a bit of a revelation. I guess it all started when I was young and felt this wanderlust spirit building in my gut. My heart always knew I wouldn’t be a stagnate person, the world is my home and I want to see all I can possibly see. As this wanderlust coalesced into an all out part of my psyche, I began to wonder what possibilities travel could offer. Mental and emotional growth are definitely two products of changing latitudes. Not to mention the wealth of knowledge and experience gained from seeing how others live compared to the life you think is so “natural” at home. This, to me, is the main difference between vacation and traveling. Vacation is a way to escape the stresses of the everyday life while travel is something that grows you into a very different human being.

When you travel, the world is yours. You are free to search around and explore the nooks and crannies of the cultures in which you find yourself. Eating and drinking your way through a country actually has a great potential to teach you a little something about the world, and yourself. In the end, travel is something many folks see as a distant pipe dream with no way to fruition. Well, get this thought out of your mind. Anyone can and should get out on their own before settling into a life full of restraints caused by family and work. It may seem selfish but I think it’s vital to transforming into an informed person. So get out there and see what the world has to offer!

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