Feminists Taking A Stand With Today’s Music

Feminism is not a new concept by any means , the movement has been stirring for decades, going back to before women even had the right to vote or own land. In today’s generation feminism is using a new platform to spread the cause around. With every moment, there are always extremists, that can give it a bad name, but to me feminism is the belief in equal rights and treatment of both sexes.


A trend I began noticing recently, is the feminist move in music. There are several mainstream female artists who are flipping the script, and creating a stir. Artists like Christina Aguilera and Beyonce have been voicing their opinions for a while.

Christina went through her “dirty” phase, blatantly calling out double standards of men and women with her lyrics. Beyonce and Destiny’s Child were singing power ballads such as “Survivor” and “Independent Woman” for females back in the 90’s and early 2000s that are still around today.


Most recently singers have been using the music videos the get their powerful messages across. British singer Lily Allen recently released her single “Hard Out Here” describing how picky society is about women and how they should look and act. Her music video creates even more of a stir by mocking the music videos of men that rely scantily clad women to make their music videos interesting. Jennifer Lopez also released a video for her new song “I Luh Ya Papi” that includes her and her friends going over pitches for music videos when they start joking about how her video should be just like one a men would make but with good looking men instead of women.


These women are just a few of the man that are taking a stand on the rights they believe in. They are using their voices in popular culture to spread the message of empowerment to women all around. Some may approach it in a comical way, and other in a more serious manner.

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