The Search For Flight MH370 Continues

It is still horrifying and depressing to hear the news, or lack thereof, about Flight MH370 having completely disappeared. There are still very few clues as to what could have happened to the plane and its 239 passengers. It’s very frightening to believe that they are currently untraceable in such a wired world. With the kinds of technology that are available to us, it is very hard to imagine that even one person could practically fall off the face of the earth without a trace.

Investigators are looking into numerous options of how to track the plane and its passengers. Because in this day and age, most people carry cellphones and other smart devices, it can be assumed that at least one of these was left on and there is a chance that it was able to connect with a cell tower somewhere, giving some clue as to where they might be. Usually, planes fly well out of the range of cell towers, but since it has been suggested that the plane was flying low in order to remain undetected, there is the chance that cellular transmission was possible.

Now, with 10 days past and 26 nations desperately searching for answers, investigators are looking for other alternative methods of tracking down the plane. With so many unknown variables, there is the very real possibility of a terrorist attack. Many people are questioning the possibilities, there is much speculation. One main question is that if the plane had internet access, in which passengers could use to send and receive emails mid-flight, why haven’t any been retrieved?

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