Finals: The Worst Week for Students

Every semester students spend all semester working at their classes, some more then others but none the less putting forth the effort to be one semester closer to graduation. At the end of every semester students are faced with the most stressful week to put their knowledge to the test, literally. Finals can make or break your grade for a class, and every teacher chooses how to do them differently. Some teachers choose to have cumulative exams, covering everything you have learned in the semester to be all on one exam, some choose just to put the information from the last test. Other teachers make the final 40% of final grade in the class and some understand that it should be the same grade as any other test.

None the less students still stress endlessly to do well on their final exams. Many students eat terribly and hardly sleep during this week. By spending so much time cramming and not doing things to keep their body functioning they end up feeling terrible and doing worse on the final then they should. How should students approach finals and how to do their best? Is there any one sure way to do well? I think for each person it varies. Some can sit down and study for an hour and do just fine, while others study the information for days and still can’t seem to do well. Should students even have to take finals if they have an A? Isn’t that proof enough that they worked hard regularly through out the term and know enough of the information? Are finals even a good indication of what we learned through the class? Maybe one day in the future schools will find a way to test student knowledge without causing students anxiety, stress and the many other feelings that go along with finals week.

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