Will Amazon Drones Be Flying In The Sky Soon?

Amazon is the leader in online revenue and on Sunday Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos created a media buzz when he was on CBS’s “60 Minutes” talking about drones that would deliver all the items that you purchased from Amazon’s website right to your door. Now this means you would be seeing millions of little aircraft hovering around in the sky with customer’s new Kindles and other products. Will this ever happen in the near future? Maybe but probably not in our lifetime but what could happen is the idea of a Kindle drone.

A Kindle drone could be the next best thing in any ones life. With the idea up un the air of having a little drone that would have a camera on it and the ability to connect with an Amazon Kindle at anytime would be pretty awesome. People are saying that you could use it for home security as well as a shopping aid. Say you walk into a Target store and you want to purchase a new watch from the jewelry section. The kindle drone could take a picture of the watch and search the Amazon database to see if it is offered for cheaper on the Amazon site, which would be saving you money instead of spending more on the watch at Target. Now this might not be a key tool to bring more customers to the website but it is an idea that would put a market leading company even further in front of its competitors. Only the future will show us what is next!

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