Smoking Cigarettes Can Help Prevent Ulcerative Colotis

There’s a new study that’s come out revealing a previously dangerous hobby as a preventive cure. The cigarette has been bashed in recent years for it’s copious amounts of toxic chemicals. They now are required to offer a surgeon generals warning which tells the consumer you are literally smoking poison. So in the present day when one ponders the health effects of cigarette smoke, the thoughts that come to mind are usually negative.

But, with a recent study on the disease Ulcerative Colitis, it has been discovered that not only do cigarettes ease the effects of this nasty disease, it has preventive effects. Smokers are already much less likely to develop ulcerative colitis, which was proven in a controlled case study. Furthermore, the case study revealed that patients with ulcerative colitis who smoked would go into remission more often and stay in remission longer.

Nicotine seems to be the reason why cigarettes have a positive effect on colitis patients. In a placebo-based experiment, it was found that nicotine alone was able to keep patients with colitis in remission much longer then without it. Of course, of nicotine remains to be the only product in cigarettes that soften the blow of colitis, then there is obviously more healthy ways to apply it then smoke. The study is still young and is just beginning to gain some recognition.

Seeing as ulcerative colitis is an unpreventable disease, the study has a lot of colitis patients researching the idea. Since colitis can only be prevented right now, it may be a short term fix for these patients to pick up a nasty habit.

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