“Finals Week, Let’s Do Drugs”: The Consequences of Taking Adderall as a College Student!

While finals week calls for a massive amount of coffee, sweatpants, and study breaks, one of the biggest outbreaks that has been of major uprising is the use of a prescription drug known as Adderall. While Adderall, most commonly used for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder students, has been disbursed throughout the entire UCF campus, as well as the colleges in the entire nation. While this prescription drug is known for its ability in making people with ADHD to pay more attention to things, become less hyperactive, and prolong their attention deficit hyperactive order, the students without ADHD who are digesting this little pill might not see the significant consequences of what it does to them now, but they will later on down the road.

While much research has been in study within the past couple of years, researchers have found that the prescription drug that ahs been released on to the marked to effectively target the levels of certain hormones within an individual’s body that has ADHD, the drug is now enabling the body to counteract the symptom into a much worse consequence.

In order to treat the basic of the neurobiology behind the disorder of ADHD, we need to look at the actual science behind it. According to Serendip Studio, A digital ecosystem, fueled by serendipity website, “ADHD plays a malfunction in the frontal cortex. The frontal cortex is involved with primarily executive functions like reasoning, planning, focusing, and problem solving. It is in this part of the brain that dopamine, an important neurotransmitter, has been found to be deficient. Without proper concentrations of dopamine in the frontal cortex, these executive functions suffer, (Kristin Jenkins, 2007).

This answer lies within the thousands of students who take this drug, although they do not have the ADHD diagnoses. This prescription drug not only is known for its ability in increases performance for school work, but it also gives students the ability to focus more, work harder, and this increase their GPA’s with less effort than before taking the prescription drug. And while Adderall sounds good and dandy for right now, the danger lies within the consequences it offers down the road.

One of the major consequences of talking Adderall is the dependency that students become to this drug. Students, after taking this prescription drug for a long time, have prolonged deterioration within their brain cells than disables their learning skills and information capacity. This drug also has many other side effects such as becoming paranoid, extremely irritable while under the influence, and making students feel accomplished, although the next couple of days after taking this drug they feel extremely weak and lazy. So next time you think about wanting to get ahead of your studies and get good grades, don’t take Adderall! Instead, plan out your schedule accordingly so you have plenty of time to study and make a good grade without relying on a drug to do so!


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