Shawn White Comes Up Short In Olympics

After a solid first run at the Olympics in the Half Pipe competition, Shawn White came up short in defending his two time gold in the event and was beat by a new sensation. Shawn White a professional snowboarder turned skateboarder and USA celebrity, came under the microscope in the weeks leading up to the olympics and some even questioned his commitment to the sport. The X-games which airs on ESPN highlights snowboarders and winter sports, was a sure fit in for a gold for in the half pipe but White opted to pull out claiming that he wants to prepare for the olympics. So when his name was called at the Olympics he definitely needed to come out and preform. White came out strong and analysts were looking forward to a great showing.

White riding a high of emotion came up short at the Olympics, and people have been on Whites case even more so. Critics have officially made Shawn White into a ex-gold medalist and shifted all their attention to what he has done in the past. This is the first time in his career where the attention has shifted off of the American snowboarding celebrity and people are looking to the future superstar to step up and demand attention. White has worked on his Image and since his gold medals, has been all over the media. But, now as we look to the future of snowboarding, we can start to see his greatness fading and expecting him to just be competitive.

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