Finding Love On The World Wide Web

Everyday you are exposed to different people; whether it be walking down the street or at a local shopping center. With exposure to thousands of people, one might be able to find love through friends, family, and now on the internet. Since the earliest of times, dating was a series of meeting the parents, drive-in movie theaters, and bringing a girl back to her house no later than 11P.M. Today, a quick questionnaire can lead you to meet the love of your life. These online dating realms such as eHarmony and Zoosk can match you with hundreds of thousands of people either locally or around the world. Online dating opens the variety and amount of people that you get matched up with as opposed to dating the “old fashion” way. Social networking sites also allow you to meet new people through friends that could lead to a relationship. Although online dating seems like the way to go, one has to be very cautious of what they share to these online strangers. In some cases, people can pretend to be others on these dating and social networking sites. Online daters should be aware of who they are sharing, they should never release address or billing information. In some cases, these fake online daters can be predators or criminals. This problem seems to occur with young adolescents and older adults, which is why these dating sites raise their age requirements so they can avoid this potential danger. These dating and social sites allow one to be connected with thousands of people, you just have to make sure you’re getting what you signed up for.

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