Social Media is Not a Substitute

While I am a part of the generation that grew up with social media and texting, I do not believe it is a substitute for real life relationships. While I do not think solely text or instant messaging can be used as an entire relationship, I think it is helpful in getting to know a person. I also know that it is definitely an easier way to communicate with others if you’re shy like I am, it definitely makes it easier to communicate with the person face to face once you see you can communicate over text. I do however feel differently about Facebook. I have no strictly Facebook friends and the I mostly do not communicate with my real life friends over Facebook, I really only use it to connect with acquaintances, family or employers. My friends and I do mostly text though, even my parents and I do. Its just a fast easy way to communicate and get the message out to everyone if its a group event. I also had a boyfriend in the past that we used to text regularly and we had a great in person relationship. Although I completely disagree with the “techno brush off” or breaking up with someone over text or Facebook. I think the entire idea is rude and disrespectful and honestly if you can’t face the person to break up with them either you shouldn’t be breaking up or you shouldn’t be dating at all. But overall texting and social media can be very useful for having and maintaing relationships and friendships now a days but I do not think they are a substitute for the real deal. Real life relationships are necessary and a part of life, they have somethings that just can’t be replaced like just being able to hang out with your friends and watch movies or play board games or even just stay up all night talking and bonding.

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