Five essential beauty items on a budget

1. Cuticle drops:

Argan oil cuticle drops by Orly are incredible. After taking off acrylic nails, my natural nails were weak and fragile for a long time. I was on a mission to find something that would repair them and nourish them. At first I tried using olive oil from my kitchen but that was too slippery and didn’t dry fast enough. Then, I came across these cuticle drops at ULTA. At $15.00, I was weary to invest in this item; now I’m absolutely glad that I did. I use one drop on each fingernail before bedtime and I massage it into my nails and cuticles. I noticed right away how effective the oil drops were in keeping my cuticles soft. More importantly, my nails have grown significantly. I’ve had the product for 2 months and my bottle is still about 85% full.

2. Lipstick:

These days it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money for a really good lipstick. On a college student’s budget, it’s important to get a good product for a good price. Kardashian beauty products are both inexpensive and great quality. The joystick lip lacquer comes in various colors from a deep cherry red to a light baby doll pink. You can find this product at ULTA for $8.99. However if you print out a $3.50 off coupon on, you can get the joystick for $6.00!

3. Mascara:

Maybelline volume express one by one mascara can be found at ULTA for $7.99. With the $3.50 off coupon you can get this product for $5.00! My own bottle has lasted me for about 4-5 months. If I divide the $5.00 I paid for the bottle, in 4 months, then I paid $1.25 a month for my fabulous, lash volumizer. Not bad!

4. Hair ties/clips:

These are essential for every girl to have! On a bad hair day, bobby pins are a girl’s best friend. If you decide to style your hair in a high bun, bobby pins will keep any unruly hairs in place. You can find these just about anywhere for a reasonable price. ULTA has an 18-count pack for $1.99. Target has a 50-count pack with both brown and black bobby pins for $3.99. If you have a Target debit card, you can take 5% off your entire purchase.

5. Pro long wear paint pot:

This little gem is from MAC. I know MAC products can be expensive and this particular item is $20.00, but believe me it is worth it. It will take up minimum space in your bag or bathroom. I have “let’s skate” which is a light shimmery pink that makes a huge statement. A little bit goes a long way with this product, therefore it should last you long enough for the worth to outweigh the cost. This shimmery pink can be worn to dress up a nighttime look. It can also be worn on an everyday basis to add a special touch to your daytime look. You should apply this color on the inside of your eyelid and a darker plum shade towards the outside of your lid to really make it pop.

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