New Florida Law Bans Texts While Driving

A new Florida law that will make texting while driving illegal. This state-wide law will go into effect at the beginning of October. The law will be a “secondary” infraction meaning that the driver in question will have to be pulled over for committing another driving offense, much the same as current seat belt laws. I think it will be very interesting to see how this law effects drivers that normally use the notoriously Interstate 4. My hope is that the law will force drivers to practice much more control at the wheel with their eyes on the road now instead of their cell phones. Also better habits will be made for starting drivers in high schools around Florida. Texting while driver is such a large silent killer of many drivers around the nation and I am proud legislation is now taking effect to stop this.

Another “loop hole” of the current law also allows driver to use their mobile devices if stopped in traffic or at a stop light. This will still leave for quite a bit of room for violations being broken. For a first offense of texting while driving the fine is $30. So, the charge won’t scare too many drivers for now, but hopefully the fine will either be increased or multiple offenders of this law will have a very severe punishment.

The highways coming into and out of Orlando are known to be very dangerous, and I think this new legislation will help clean up these roadways and lead to an increase of tourism.

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