Five People, 2 Dogs Found Dead at Arizona condominium complex

This Saturday morning, Arizona police received a phone call from Libni DeLeon, who reported someone shooting at his home in a Phoenix neighborhood. When police arrived, the caller informed them that the shooter ran off after firing several rounds at the house. Shortly after, another resident told police that they heard gunshots in another part of the neighborhood. Police then branched out throughout the area, evacuating residents and speaking with witnesses, until they arrived at one apartment, where four people and two dogs were found dead due to gunshot wounds. All of the bodies were believed to be members of the same family. The Swat team arrived shortly after and proceeded to rip off the security door of the apartment next door, where they found the dead body of the suspected shooter.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department said it was difficult to narrow down their search because there was conflicting information among residents. DeLeon reported that there was a knock on his door in the morning right before shots were fired through the door. He stated that one of the bullets went through his bathroom and into his kitchen. He then recalled the next series of events that took place: “When I went upstairs, I kind of got a glance at him. When I glanced at him, I yelled at him, and then he turned around and shot two more rounds upstairs.” Sgt. Thompson stated that investigators are still seeking a motive for the shooter’s actions, and as of now, there are no leads.

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