Mother and two children from Deltona are missing and presumed dead

Yesenia Suarez and her two children have been missing from their home in Deltona since Wednesday, October 23, 2013. On October 22, the day before the family went missing, Yesenia’s husband appeared at her workplace and hit her after they had a disagreement. She tells her family she is scared of her husband. The following day, a family member decides to check up on her to make sure they are okay. The family finds out she and her two kids are missing.

On October 24, another spokesman, Brandon Haught, claims Yesenia and her children are dead, however, they have not found their bodies nor have they told the press how they have come to those conclusions. Haught says the investigation is ongoing.

Today, Yesenia’s family expresses disappointment with the “progress” of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. According to Wesh 2 News, Gary Davidson, the spokesman of the Volusia Sherriff’s Office, says detectives are ceasing the search for Yesenia and her kids while they collect notes and information about the case to try and find new evidence and new leads. Her stepfather, Ruben Perez, says, “The sheriff’s office is having a brain-storming session. Well our daughter is missing our grandkids are missing. You are sitting at a table doing brain storming.” Clearly, the family is frustrated about the lack of progress and they are pleading with the Sherriff’s Office to continue their search.

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