Florida: Winter is past and Summertime has come!

At the beginning of this year, I couldn’t tell what season it was… One week, the temperatures are warm, the next the temperatures are literally freezing then warm again. With all of this schitzophrenia, it’s a miracle that I didn’t get sick! However, relative to the rest of the United States, Florida has been experiencing consistently mild temperatures. Even when Florida had freezing temperatures, they were still lightyears ahead of what places like, Chicago, Washington, D.C., North Dakota, and pretty much everywhere else were experiencing. Let’s put it this way, we may have had freezing temperatures in Florida, but we certainly didn’t get piled with snow!  Meanwhile, many of the northern areas of the United States were experiencing subzero temperatures!

With this perspective, you are more than welcome to call us Floridians wimps, but we have good reason to complain. What makes Florida unique among the United States is that we are widely known for have long summers and short winters. Yes, believe or not, we have a winter… but not for long! A month and a half into the new year, and it seems that the cold snaps are finally over. All that is ahead of us are days full of high temperatures in the 70s & 80s! It’s almost as if we have skipped spring and gone straight from winter into summer!

Now, granted, it is not blazing hot (Thank God), but you can’t argue with 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit being summer weather. Comfortably warm during the day with pleasantly cool nights & mornings. Doesn’t get any better than that! It almost makes me forget about the rest of the country suffering from–what’s it called? Oh, yeah–winter.

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