Teenage Sex Trafficking in Central Florida One Girl shares Her Secret

There has been a growing in human sex trafficking in central Florida. A local teenager shares all the secrets to channel 9 news of how she was a victim of the human sex trafficking, explaining everything involving it, and how she escaped from it. They call her Katie, and she was recruited at a mall in Brevard County where she met a guy that had asked for her phone number and thought that he wanted to bye her boyfriend. The guy would go to her house and bring her alcohol and drugs. She found it weird when he started passing her to other men. The man would show her lots of love and attention so she stayed with him since she wasn’t receiving that attention at home.


The guy would keep her in his room and she would wait for clients to come in. on most nights, she would make $2,000.00 a night but she would never see the money that she would make. The girl also never tried leaving the man because if she ever tried to leave, he would’ve beaten her really badly. The guy told her that she should recruit other girls I order for her to work less.


Katie would use social media to recruit other teenage girls on Facebook. After that, the other girls would then recruit friends from high school. She said that it is very difficult to get out once you are in. Katie was able to get out of there and is trying to help other girls in need of help that are in the same situation that she was in. A recent study showed that one out of every 12 teenagers who was given assessment was a victim of human sex trafficking. Teens of every background and race were being recruited. Katie is now going to school and wants to be a lawyer. Her advice to the parents are for them to monitor their children to see who they speak to online and to be on the lookout for tattoos that look suspicious because sometimes, the pimps will brand their girls with tattoos.


I believe that this is a problem that should be resolved soon because it is important to not let these teenage girls fall in the hands of the wrong person and then let them trust these people just because they aren’t communicating well at home with their parents or guardians.


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