Food & Wine Festival Provides Trip For Your Taste Buds

From September 27 through November 11, 2013, Walt Disney World hosts the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Presented by CHASE. Right here in Orlando, Florida a festival allows everyone to “taste their way around the world” and celebrate the diversity of the world that we live in. This celebration takes place around the World Showcase Lagoon, a man-made body of water surrounded by “countries” representing the major ethnic groups around the world, with rides and shows highlighting each “nation” of the globe.

Guests can indulge in as much culture as they choose through the appetizing stops with various cuisines on menus inspired by specific regions of the world. During Food and Wine, a park-goer can experience food from more nations than the select few that are there permanently. These types of festivals encourage a sampling approach, which leads to small portions and great prices. The Hawaii booth, for example, provided a selection of treats that resembles that of authentic Hawaiian food, most notably, the pulled pork sandwich with pineapple. Reasonably priced at an average of four dollars, items become more of a snack than a meal. This encourages patrons to experiment with as many food options as possible, and to enjoy authentic cuisines from around the world.

Of course, adults can couple these “samples” with “refreshments” crafted by brewers and master wine makers. The goal is to experience a shift in your palate’s limited perspective. There are more than twenty-five unique “marketplaces” stationed throughout the showcase. For the most daring connoisseurs, Disney places corresponding asterisks (*) next to their suggested food and beverage pairings. Each delicacy has an alcoholic beverage and dessert to top it off. Through this unforgettable tour of diverse cultures, global cuisines and specialty wines, couples and families can all find something to bite into at an affordable price.

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