This November 11 counties in Colorado will vote on a proposal to secede from the state

A growing number of people in rural counties around Colorado have begun an active campaign towards a secession of Colorado. Many are simply complaining that their government is out of touch with their local communities. But Colorado isn’t the only state with activists trying to break away from their state governments in order  to form the 51st state. Yet, the disconnect many feel with Colorado and its democratic leaders seems greater than any of the other concerns activists face in their respective states. Most of rural Colorado criticize the liberal acts that have gone into place over the past decade. The people in those counties believe the limits on gun control in addition to the new energy regulations mainly reflect the values of urban Colorado. They simply believe they’re being ignored and politically disenfranchised because of their sparse populations.

Of course the entire process would have to go through insurmountable obstacles in order for the 51st state to surface. The last successful secession, through legislation, occurred in 1820 when Maine was able to secede from Massachusetts. This November a total of 11 counties will vote on the decision to secede from Colorado, but if makes it through Denver, it will then face heavy scrutiny in Washington DC where it is highly unlikely to succeed. There are even talks of one of the counties potentially being absorbed by Wyoming in attempt to escape the Democratic-controlled state. Politics often run hand in hand with geography and its clearly evident with many communities surrounding the greater Denver metropolitan area.

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