Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman checks himself into Rehab

Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman checks himself into an unidentified 28-30 day alcohol rehabilitation center Wednesday, January 15th, following a recent trip from North Korea, where he received backlash for comments made while in Korea. 52 year old Dennis Rodman was under fire as he was criticized for his relationship with Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s dictator. He was in North Korea where he led a team of Former NBA players in a exhibition game and also said the game was a “birthday present” and went as far as singing Happy Birthday to the dictator in a packed stadium.

In the past Dennis Rodman has been known for his excessive tattoos and piercings and his outrageous behavior. Rodman has been battling his addiction to alcohol for a long-time and this current situation caused his drinking to escalate to a level unseen before. His agent, Darren Prince, prompted Rodman to enter into the rehabilitation after his drinking got worse in hopes of showing his concerns to his client on an intimate level. Rodman went on to blame the alcohol consumption for his comments and apologize for them but did not apologize for his visit to North Korea.

Rodman was criticized for not using his friendship with the dictator to influence the release of Kenneth Bae, an American Missionary/ political prisoner who is being held on Anti-State charges in North Korea. Dennis Rodman should be allowed to travel freely just like any other American citizen who does not have celebrity status. The purpose of the trip was to play in a basketball game and he did just that. Hopefully the former star Dennis will bounce back healthier and pursue a life free of alcohol.

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