Four Play!!! Stage Set for NFC and AFC Championships as Super Bowl XLVIII Draws Closer.

With the NFL Playoffs nearing completion, football fans alike now shift their focus to what lies ahead, Super Bowl XLVIII. This weekend, the two teams who will square off for the NFL championship will be decided as the NFC and AFC championships kick off this Sunday in what promises to be a spectacular day of football. Starting things off will be a duel between two of the best quarterbacks in the league. Tom Brady leads his New England Patriots into the Mile High city for a duel with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Both teams have played well leading up to the showdown of who be crowned AFC king. With 14 total match-ups between them, these two seasoned veterans have face off as each one looks to return to the Super Bowl to add another championship to their inevitable hall of fame careers.


Not to be overlooked, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be looking to flex his tattoos as he fights his way into what hopes to be his second consecutive Super Bowl appearance. To do this, he’ll have to get past Russell Wilson and the red-hot Seattle Seahawks. Kaepernick, after getting close but coming up short in Super Bowl XLVII, is motivated and determined to get his team to the big game. First things first however, get the NFC title. Russell Wilson has also come through for his team in the post season. He’ll be looking to help the Seahawks nab the Division title and have a shot at the championship. An epic day of football awaits as the NFL season reaches what looks to be the most memorable final weeks yet.

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