UCF Women’s Basketball loses to USF 38-63

Last night I attended the UCF Women’s basketball team as they played our rivals at UCF. Now usually I don’t attend college basketball games, but I made an exception since I was invited by a classmate. What i witnessed was nothing short of a complete lack of focus from our team, and a total domination from the USF Team.

UCF was plagued with missed shots, poor shot selection, and a really slow moving defense that didn’t defend the perimeter and barely protected the paint. Not only that but it took us almost 6 minutes to score our first point! Everything else was just missed shots and missed lay ups. I know I’m coming across as a little harsh toward our team, but they didn’t even look like they were in sync.

At times it did seem like we were going to start getting our groove back, but then it would be taken away when they weren’t playing tighter defense. i know that it must have been an off game for them because I’ve been to their games before and they never played this bad. I believe That this could just be an off-game for them, but i just expected better playing from them especially since we are playing our rivals.

Now to give the people reading this something to make them smile so it does not seem like a complete negative article. Yesterday at the game the band was playing the star spangled banner and as every Knight knows, when they get to the part of “gave through to the Night” every one is supposed to scream Knights. We do it at the Football games and I’ve done it at the basketball games as well. So when the part comes up I scream Knights to only realize that I’m the only  idiot screaming it.

I hope you are able to enjoy it because I’m still embarrassed by it.

http://www.ucfknights.com/sports/w-baskbl/recaps/011814aaa.html for more information on the game.

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