Tom Brady, New England Patriots Face A Familiar Foe in Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos for the AFC Championship

This Sunday marks the 15th time Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will match wits on the gridiron and in the spirit of cliches, this one’s for all the marbles. This years’ AFC Championship pits together the storied franchises of the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots. Now while everybody’s talking Brady/Manning and rightfully so, there are going to be plenty of other factors responsible for how this game plays out. It’s a perfect day for football in Colorado, sunny skies seems to be the forecast along with a chilly 19 degree temperature because…well playoff football.

We got a classic David v. Goliath showdown here with the super-powered Broncos and run-of-the-mill Patriots. To me it’s gonna come down to, and as always, turnovers. These are two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time so any given possession they are liable to recreate greatness and put points up on the board, so it’s a good chance you’re gonna lose if you keep giving either one of these guys the ball. Peyton’s record against Brady in the playoffs is 1-2, I believe he ties it up today. I really do not believe that the Patriots are really that good , I think they’ve really just been overachieving and sooner or later someone is going to bring them back down to reality. I mean JULIAN EDELMAN HAS 105 CATCHES! Is that not just CRAZY to anyone else? I think the Broncos have too many weapons for the Patriots defense to keep up with, especially since in their 1st meeting Julius Thomas was inactive, the highest scoring offense in NFL History will eventually break out. Although I don’t think too highly of this New England team, I have supreme faith in Tom Brady and zero trust in Denver’s defense so I am certain he shall make a game out of this. And history tells me the home team always wins this one. My FINAL score is: Broncos 27 Patriots 24.

Whatever the result of this game we should really appreciate the excellence and continued greatness of Peyton Manning & Tom Brady. Especially since this could be the last duel between these two ever; Peyton’s considering retiring at season’s end. But this game marks the end of an era, the last big stand in the twilight of 2 great careers, the icings on the proverbial cupcakes. No one is leaving this game a real loser, but one can can catapult himself to maybe the status of Greatest Of All Time. This game is definitely the sunset on a great era of the NFL, but it couldn’t have been written better than this.

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