Fun & Cheap Craft Idea for any Rainy Day!

I did this the other day with my boyfriend when it was thunder storming. We had to stay inside so I thought we’d make it fun! We watched a few really good movies while making this! It’s super easy, fun, and affordable.

First, you need to get the canvas. We went to Walmart because it came in a perfect size with 2 of them. You can go anywhere to get the canvas honestly… Target, Michael’s, even Walmart! ha.

So after you get the canvas, make sure to get crayons of course. We got the 98 pack with the sharpener in the back. No reason why lol, I just wanted the box with the most crayons in it because I didn’t know how many would fit across.

Next step, glue gun! We bought a glue gun for less than $15 at Walmart too and it came with glue sticks, which you do need because you’re going to go through it fast!!!

Once you’ve got your canvas, crayons, and glue gun/sticks… we got a tarp to lay down on the floor. You technically don’t need one if you’re doing it outside but I felt that it might get messy and I didn’t want to mess up my floor. If you’re doing this indoors, I do suggest buying one because it DOES get messy and it kinda splatters everywhere.

We were able to get all our supplies at Walmart so that came in handy! Now once you have all your supplies the way to make this work… is a blow dryer! I know it sounds weird but I’ll give you a step by step on how to make this work.

First, you can get creative as you like. You can either spread out the crayons in rainbow order or in any order you like. I did mine rainbow… So I started with one color and got darker in shade then moved onto the next color (ex. pink–red–peach–orange–yellow–green–teal– blue–indigo–purple) You can do your whole canvas with just different shades of one specific color… get creative as you like (:

Once you’ve got your pattern, you’re going to “hot glue gun” each crayon on the canvas. You’re going to want all of them very close together with NO GAP in between. Lay out your tarp and then all you have to do is blow dry from the top. Hold it for a few seconds then you’ll see the crayon melt onto your canvas!

You’ll get the hang of it, there’s really no exact direct way… make it your own. So now if you’re stuck at home because the weather is really gross out, you can try this. I’m not very “artsy” I can’t draw lol so I thought this was pretty easy.

Once you’re done, let it dry til the next morning. When me and my boyfriend finished, we signed our names and hung it up!

I hope you enjoy this little craft and have fun with it!!!

Til next time.

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