Game Two of the World Series, The Cardinals Even the Score

If anyone didn’t notice, the 2013 World Series has started.  Game two is tonight and the St. Louis Cardinals will be taking on the Boston Red Sox.  Game one was a pretty interesting game.  The Cardinals game was filled with errors and mistakes and needless to say the Red Sox won big time.

Tonight I think it will be a different outcome.  I think the Cardinals will tie the series 1-1 when rookie sensation Michael Wacka for the Cardinals takes on John Lackey for the Red Sox.  Wacka has been great this post season and I think that he continues that trend tonight against the Sox.  One downfall for the Cardinals is, even though right fielder Carlos Beltran is in the lineup they cannot be certain how he will fair.  Last night on a spectacular play he robbed David Ortiz of a grand slam homerun.  It was a great play.  But something bad happened on it.  He ran into the wall and hurt his ribs.  Will that have an affect on him tonight?  We shall see.

The Red Sox are a very good team, with weapons all over the place.  They could pull this one out tonight, but I have a guy feeling that the Cardinals will come away with the victory.  This team never gets frazzled.  With the exception of last night, they usually play with extreme poise.  There is no doubt in my mind they change things around this game and win it.

As for the overall series Victor?  I am not sure.  I think this series could go all the way to seven games and I really hope it does.  Baseball needs some excitement and I think that this series is the one we have been waiting for.  Good luck to both of the teams.

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