Wonder Dreams: Child Like Fantasy or Wasted Opportunity

Disney is one of the most lucrative companies on the planet, but there’s a good reason for that claim. This year video game developer Avalanche Software has created a game called Disney Infinity. Where the player (i.e. child) can purchase a plastic toy character in any retail store and begin to play as that character on their video game console in what many developers’ call a sand box style video game, where anything is possible. As I mentioned before Disney has published and created a lot of different media content throughout the years, but none come as close to pure genius Disney Infinity. A game that is sure to provide hours upon hours of entertainment to children.

Thing is, this video game requires many plastic toys in order to work which could be considered nothing more than a glorified waste of money. Since the game itself doesn’t advance in any special way unless you purchase more and more plastic toys to play as various Disney owned characters. That said, this video game is strictly meant for children because who else but a child is likely to fall for such an obvious marketing scheme. Basically, you might as well call the video game a trading card game were children constantly desiring more and more characters each time they get bored with the ones they already have.

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