Coupon Couture: From Rags to Riches.

Imagine being able to finally purchase that beautiful leather bag you have always wanted. It breaks your heart to have to pass by that boutique on your way to work and see that expensively gorgeous black leather purse on display just begging you to take it home, until today, when you can finally walk out of that boutique with the bag propped on your arm. Saving money can be as simple as cutting paper these days, so says coupon expert Jill Cataldo. Jill saves hundreds of dollars by making the most of common coupons found in newspapers, online, and even with the touch of a screen. These coupons can range from a markdown on an item in the store, to even free BOGO (buy one get one) on anything in the store. From grocery stores to sporting stores, merchandisers give coupons to customers that gives them incentive to go to their store, as well as save money on products they were already going to purchase. Some places even allow for consumers to use their coupons in other locations or even retailers. With a rocky economy, it’s great that everyone can still save some money while they shop.

Although couponing can benefit consumers by saving money on products, there is a black hole to this method. The key to couponing is to master the art of knowing when and where to cut. For example, a buy one get one free coupon for Cosmopolitan Magazine would not be too useful for a forty-five year old farmer. Couponers should only be cutting out deals on products that they currently use or are familiar with. Also, coupons usually have an expiration date that the consumer must abide by to use at the time of checkout. Some shoppers might not pass up on a deal and end up with an abundance of toilet paper rolls and no storage. In that case, it might not necessarily be the smartest way to shop with coupons. These smart shoppers have to devote and dedicate time to searching, sorting, and cutting these savings which can at time take hours. Being smart with their time, and their cutting, these couponers can easily save hundreds, and might even be walking out of that boutique with a leather bag on their arm.

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