The Required Class For the Future, Why don’t we have it?

Many students in college often do not know where to begin as graduation approaches. Through out our years in college and even high school, we are required to take many different classes that essentially do not apply to us or our majors and will likely never help us in the future. Why isn’t there a class for the things were about to face in the real world? A class that helps us with resumes and interviews as well as the things that come with being an adult like filing taxes.

Graduating students all face the same challenges when they leave college. They are all about to be faced with the real world and its challenges. Instead of requiring electives outside our majors, why not require a class like this, that will help you with the full adult life you’re about to face. A class like this could help many students and prevent them from ruining their credit or help them successfully get their first job. Teaching students skills that could help them, like networking everywhere they go could make a major difference in their life.

Of all the general education requirements in college, this one could be the most useful if they decided to create the class. The class would teach you real world skills and would apply to every major, because whether students want to face it or not interviews and networking are part of every major and the after graduating process. Potentially, if created, the class would prepare you for everything life throws at you, or at least the basics for when you initially are set to face the world.

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