Gang Affiliation Threatens DeSean Jackson’s Career

This past friday, Philadelphia Eagles released their star wide receiver (WR) DeSean Jackson. This came as a shock to fans and perhaps the whole league. Jackson has proven to be one of the best in the game by using his God given speed and soft hands to become one of the Eagles’ most productive players. This past season Jackson achieved career highs in catches with 20+ yards gained(25) and catches for first downs(60). Jackson is clearly a player who brings a lot to the table, but Eagles’ executives decided to pass on him once online magazine reported on Jackson’s ties to gang members in Los Angeles.

This past season, in a game against conference rivals the Washington Redskins, Jackson was recorded flashing a gang sign at cornerback(CB) DeAngelo Hall. His slight gesture seems to be the validating fact to the report.

The NFL has a strict code of conduct regarding players and the use of gestures with any kind of negative connotation. Yet there haven’t been any of fines or consequences against Jackson. I think that since the report that brought light to this issue was published during the off-season, he is likely to get a slap on the wrist if anything.

In the meantime, Jackson has emerged as probably the best player available through free agency at the WR position. Now its up to a team who not only has the money to pay but is  also willing to take a chance on a WR with question marks in personality on and off the field. One thing is for sure, which ever team lands Jackson will have a player with game-changing ability and that is worth a lot in the National Football League.

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