George Zimmerman makes headlines yet again

Ever since being acquitted in July 2013 of the 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin, one would think that George Zimmerman would want to lead a quiet life. However, two months later Zimmerman was in the news again, this time for alleged reports by his estranged wife of assaults and threats with a weapon. Nothing came out of this incident, since police found no weapon and Zimmerman’s wife ended up not pressing charges. The incident that took place on Monday, the 18th of November, did not turn out the same way.

Zimmerman’s girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, called police Monday afternoon, reporting that Zimmerman had a shotgun pointed at her and was becoming violent after she told him to move out of the house. Zimmerman allegedly forced her out of the house, and then proceeded to call the police himself. He told 911 that his girlfriend was the one who had gone crazy, and that was why he locked himself in the house. Authorities responding to Scheibe’s 911 call were already breaking into the house when Zimmerman was speaking to 911 operators.

Upon entering the home, police arrested Zimmerman peacefully on domestic assault charges. They found a total of five guns in the house, but Zimmerman does have a concealed weapons permit. However, he is being charged with using a weapon during an aggravated assault. He is being held without bail until a hearing with the judge on Tuesday, the 19th. Due to his past history, there is a strong possibility the judge will either allow the evidence to substantiate his arrest, or at the very least, set a hefty bail.

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