My Favorite Vacation Spot is in The Middle of The Beautiful Rainforest, And it is The Place I Call Home

When it is the time to plan a vacation, innumerable amount of places come to my mind. I think it is the same for most of the people, however, there is that special place that does not matter how many times I have been before, I still want to visit one more time; that place is the city where I was born: Pereira. The city is located in Colombia, South America. It is a small city with about one million habitants. One of the main economical resources is the agricultural, mainly coffee, among others cultives such as pineapple, banana, avocados, oranges, red berries, passion fruit, mangoes, and innumerable amounts of medicinal plants.
Pereira is surrounded by many touristic places, such as the Cocora Valley, a place where we can find palm trees. The palm trees are native of the region and it is about 40 feet tall. The area is in the middle of the rain forest surrounded by beautiful mountains. Another touristic place is thermals. Thermals are natural heated pools of hot water that come from a volcano. The are natural rivers on the outside of the city, as well as fish ponds. In most of them the people are able to fish, and someone else come to cook their catch in front of the customer.
The people are very friendly and lovely; it is really common to see the people walking around the boardwalks located in the city. Additionally, there is really inexpensive and good public transportation system.
I recommend to everyone to visit Pereira; it could be a great memorable experience.

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