Georgia Man Arrested For Burning His 10-year-old Daughter and Dumping Her In A Trash Can

It was around 3:40 am this Saturday when the Gwinnett County Police Department received a phone call from a man claiming he wanted to commit suicide. The man also explained that his daughter was no longer alive, and that the cause of death was from drinking “some type of chemical.” Police officers headed to the young man’s residence located in Lawrenceville, GA only to see something they were definitely not expecting. Upon arrival, police spotted the man who appeared to have made the 911 call standing outside his apartment complex. It was then that the man who has been identified as Eman Moss simply directed police officers toward a metal trash can near the recreational area without uttering a word. Much to their dismay, when the police officers lifted the lid off the trash can, they saw the burned body of a 10 year-old girl inside who has now been identified as Emani Moss. Although there was not an act of fire in the apartment or trash can when officers arrived on the scene, investigators have confirmed that there most definitely is evidence of a fire having took place. After thoroughly checking the apartment and finding no other suspects inside, police officers immediately arrested the slain girl’s stepmother, Tiffany Moss, as well as her father Eman. Both are now being held at the Gwinnett County Detention Center, and have been charged with felony murder, first-degree cruelty to children, and concealing a body.

It is my prayer that police officers as well as the investigators who were on the scene are able to get a confession from either Eman or Tiffany about what really happened to the young girl. Although it is quite apparent that she was indeed burned, a confession could help bring closure. These two owe it not only to Emani but to those closest to her as well to tell what actually occurred, as well as what could have possibly motivated them to commit such a horrid act.

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