UConn Student Blog Goes Too Far in School Rivalry

College is a time of self-discovery and decision making that impacts the rest of a person’s life. Even though we are all off on our own paths, one thing we, as a student body, come together on is our school spirit and love of our respective universities.

The University of Central Florida’s football team has recently been ranked in a new conference.  Our football team has progressively gotten better and more formidable since our university was officially established as a university.  Knights’ fans are amongst the most supportive in the nation.  Just last week, the Knights’ faced off against the University of Connecticut and won, putting the Huskies to shame.  A student at UConn “welcomed [us] to the hateborhood”.  Understandably the student has anger towards the Knights’ for showing no mercy to the Huskies, in their losing streak of zero wins in seven games.  The student blog doesn’t just stop at bashing the football team, they attack the university in its’ entirety and even goes so far as to attack the state of Florida.

School rivalries do nothing more than create hatred and prejudice.  Once the students of UConn and UCF have graduated and are working in their respective careers that hatred could carry over and affect their adult lives.  Cheering for your schools team is part of college life, but some people take friendly jabs to a new level that borders on bullying. Students have been known to start fights over something as simple as overhearing another student cheering for the opposing team.  There is a fine line between friendly banter and picking a fight with words.

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