Great Expectations: The Assumptions of College Professors.

Since my first college class, including lower level classes, I have had teachers tell me “You should have learned this before.” A statement that, in my opinion, is unfair coming from high school to college. Unless their is a pre-requiste that specifically in needed how can you assume I know how to do something that requires teaching?

In many majors including mine, it was assumed I knew how to create graphics. While I have taught myself how to do many things that enhance my major graphics have always been a struggle for me and every production class I have taken has needed them but I have yet to be properly taught and am not required a class that has taught me how to make them. Unfortunately, I am not the only person struggling with this. How can students just be expected to know things, especially difficult things that you can not just memorize how to do to pass?

While we have the tutoring center on campus, they do not tutor in how to do things such as make graphics or edit or anything that generally involves projects for students in Computer Science, Communications or Art majors. How are we expected to learn when many times our professors can’t even show us during their office hours or we’re afraid to ask because we “should have learned this before.” It puts a strain on our education and we’re not sure how to learn the process and take the easy way out making a simple temporary solution. With all of our fees, there should be a place we can go being in smaller majors to learn how to do things like build graphics or edit on a new system, just like math and english majors can ask for help in the tutoring center for their struggles.

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