Get Involved

Let it be political, religious or entertainment UCF has it. While attending UCF, students can participate in just about any activity they want .  Political groups on campus like the Student Government Association gather together to talk about change on the campus; change that will serve students for the better;  change that looks for students best interest. SGA is full of exciting activities that help the community and students. Upcoming events include Get in Shape the Knight Way on March 17th, 2009.  This event is designed to help students lose weight. Food For Funk is April 10th 2009 and its motive is to help end poverty and homelessness in the community.

For religious organizations students can visit the  website This is where they can choose from religions like: Christianity,Islam, Protestant, Hindu, etc. There are many ministries to choose from including ministries on campus and off campus. The webpage contains contact information for all of the listed organizations, as well as a summary of the ministries they provide.

Do you like to dance?  You can get involved with just about any dance organization that you can think of, line-dancing and hip-hop dancing to name a couple.

UCF has just about any activity available to keep students occupied with something that helps the community and keeps students entertained. If one of the activities mentioned above or on the UCF website does not spark any students interest they can create their own.

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