Walking in a British Wonderland

From February 8th thru 10th, England had experienced their first major snow blizzard in eighteen years. An area of low pressure went through the country overnight on February 8th with temperature dropping below the frizzing mark (32 degrees), gale force winds blowing like tropical storm levels, and snow hung around for days. The snow was covered filled from cars, trucks, homes, and even House of Parliament in London. The southern end of England (which includes London) took the brunt of the storm while it paralyzed the city of London. London had 2 feet of snow in an hour covering the grounds so deep that no transportation was allowed in the city. The Double Decker Buses, London most infamous figure, were shut down for the first time in twenty-five years. Schools were also closed and approximately five million Brits did not work this week.

In London there were many problems resulting from the snow. British people had problems traveling around in icy conditions were the roads were slippery and people slipping around the streets. It was so dangerous got that there were a twelve car pile-up in South Yorkshire. Meanwhile, the children had no school, so what a great time for them to take part in snow ball fights, slip around with snow sledges, or just go out and have a nice walk and look at the beautiful scenery of snow in the countryside. Airports were shut down as well. At Gatwick Airport and also in Manchester Airport, people were stranded and were forced to sleep inside the airport. As far as the British Economy goes, the country had taken a hit. As five million workers stayed at home this week, England had lost up to four million pounds (about six and a half million dollars) in revenue a day. In London, people were blaming their Mayor Boris Johnson for not bringing in snow plows to clear the streets. But in his defense, the weather was so treacherous and so many inches of snow coming in hour, he could not let the snow plows come inside the capital.

Finally on February 10th the area of low pressure that covered in the British Isles drifted away to portions of Germany and the Netherlands. For the first time in eighteen years, England was covered in Blizzard like conditions. People will cherish the memories of the day when they were forced to stay within their homes getting warm sitting in front of the warm fire, or taking the opportunity to take a walk around enjoying the fantastic scenery of snow from covered snow on their homes, cars and even themselves. This will be a week that nobody in England will forget.

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