Give the People What They Want

So many people are quick to say they want the old days to come back, but is that really true? In a constantly changing society people want their information faster and tailored to their interests. They no longer want to sit and wait through the other garble to get to the “good stuff”. Now there are apps on smart phones that can bring headlines right to your home screen based on your interests. One thing I wish would come back is the attention to social media. When it was first coming out, people were into it but it didn’t consume their daily life. Now social media can be the death of any relationship be it just a simple friendship or an actual relationship. The root of this problem however is not the social media itself but the theory of “giving the people what they want”. People live for drama and they thrive off of the latest gossip. In the old days there wasn’t as much access to such communication so news traveled in hours rather than seconds. There’s no reason however to try and fight for the old ways of life to come back. All one can do is adapt to the changing times and figure how to best balance it in their life. If you can limit yourself to a good amount of social media a day, chances are that you won’t find yourself in any drama; but then again people fall susceptible to assumptions and let that get the best of them. Because social media is text and is read in the perception of each individual, a simple tweet can turn into an insult to a follower. Although we wish to go back to the old days, these advancements in media help the world to stay connected.

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