Give the People What They Want

In James Fallows article Learning to Love the New Media he touched on how the old days of hard news are gone and journalism is seeking to exist. At the end of the article there are questions that ask “What do people want?” and “What should news and information media information deliver. I thought about this question and realized that in the prime on television news people wanted to know what was happening in the local, national, and global market. People looked up to journalists as a trusted. Unfortunately in this day and age I believe people only want to know about garbage. Instead of interest in the poverty, finances, and world wars, people are more interested in celebrity drama. It baffles me when people can name all the characters of the top five reality televisions shows but can’t name the Secretary of State of the Governor of Florida.

I’ve noticed amongst even my own group of friends that none of them are concerned with what’s happening in the news. All they say is that it’s boring and depressing. However, I don’t understand what they expect. Newsrooms try to live up to the expectations of the public. Why do you think a lot of newsrooms have changed the format of their rundown? Most have now added sports and entertainment to the rundown to gain more viewers. The industry is already dying as is because people are becoming more disinterested in hard news. Therefore, I blame the public for the state news is in because pop culture has polluted their minds into wanting garbage like reality television.

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