The Internet Ruined Everything… for Journalism

The internet has it pros, but just like everything it has it’s cons as well. A huge problem with the internet is the amount of FREE information available. For those in the journalism world, we struggle trying to make this wonderful thing everyone calls the internet make any money. Not only has the internet hurt the bottom line of news organizations, I believe it has hurt their quality of work.

At the time posting information and news on the internet sounded like a great idea because the expense to do so was very small. On the other hand, giving it away for free wasn’t one of the brightest moments for journalism. Now to make money on the internet, news media needs to smother their pages in advertisements that are painful for the audience to endure. Internet advertisements go against everything the internet is about and that is to get information as quickly and accurately as possible. But as a person surfing the internet knows very well by now, these advertisements just get in the way and slow down browsers. There are sites out there turning profits and doing well with this change, but most news organizations are struggling to capitalize with their new mediums.

The obvious thing to do would be to charge for the news like organizations used to with the newspaper. But that is almost impossible because why is someone going to pay for something they can get for free elsewhere? At first I thought if the news was worth reading then people would be willing to pay. The more I thought about it though, even I wouldn’t pay for most for the news because frankly the quality of work has been lacking lately. The laziness and sluggishness of the few is bringing down the astonishment and awe from the gifted. The bad thing is the former is the ones everyone pays to see and listen to.

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