Giving your employers your Facebook login info might become common very soon!

So you have an interview later this week. You have built an awesome resume, got your business attire set and you are ready to go. You have been waiting for this moment for months now and are finally ready to nail your interview. So you arrive to your appointment on time and the interview goes well. And then your potential employer drops a bomb. He/her proceeds to pull up your Facebook and ask you to provide him/her with your login info. Does this happen in real life?

It is becoming more relevant for employers to request social media login info in the workplace. What was once seen as a personal and private life being seperate is merging. Employers are demanding and are curious as to how your personal life can and will affect their business and reputation.  But does this cross a line?

It definitely is controversial, and there are several aspects that are most likely invasive, but in my opinion if anyone really creates a fuss about it, they will not obtain employment regardless. No one will hire you if before being hired you file a suit or complain against them. It seems like a lose, lose but it appears as though businesses know that you needing a job is a priority. And they might be feeding off of that.

What was once a place to express yourself and be who you want to be is becoming a burden. So moral of the story? If you are seeking employment, the best thing to do is keep your social media clean, no one has a problem hiring people who like to have fun. But if you are engaging in illegal drug abuse, underage drinking and things like this, you might want to consider what your employers have to say about it. Cause it might determine whether you are employed or not.


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